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Poise Aura

Green Ghost Phantom Quartz Cluster

Green Ghost Phantom Quartz Cluster

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This Green Ghost Quartz is known for it's remarkable healing properties. Like most quartz, energy flows easily though this green specimen. Quartz take their place among many electronic devices for their ability to transfer energy freely.

The phantom or ghost like tips are formed from the presence of chlorite minerals that form during the early stages of metamorphism. This gives the Green Quartz it's body and personality in it's ever changing form.

They release emotional wounds & negative attachments. Manifestation ability thrives with Green Phantoms as they dissolve all illusions & break down all obstacles. They are powerful Earth healers which can be used to heal very badly tortured lands & release negative energy trapped in the land.


300-400 grams  (1 piece)

Each crystal is one of a kind due to its formation in nature. Color, shape and size will vary slightly, making each crystal unique


【caution】Due to the influence of Covid-19, it takes about 4-6 weeks for delivery. 

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