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Sage & Feather Smudge Kit With Abalone Shell

Sage & Feather Smudge Kit With Abalone Shell

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Smudging, which cleanses and disperses negative energies, is sometimes called the 'ear opener' because it opens up our inner ears, allowing us to become more in tune with the sacredness of the world around us. Smudging can be used before meditation, prayer or ceremony or any time you wish to clear your aura. It can also be burnt to cleanse your house, and is frequently used in Feng Shui for space clearing.

Package includes

2 Bundle of White Sage

1 Turkey Smudging Feather

1 Pearl Abalone Shell

1 Red Tea Candle


White Sage

Used for cleansing and clearing ceremonies of people, places and objects, as well as for meditation or prayer. 

Turkey Smudging Feather

Used consistently throughout Native American crafts and ceremonial tools. Birds fly inbetween the earth and the sky and as such feathers represent this connection between us as humans and Great Spirit. Of course a feather is not essential to contact God or be in tune with Spirit. It is a tool - a reminder. Feathers are like a link. You can hold them while praying, you can use a feather to brush smudge smoke over you for cleansing the aura and can have them in crafts and jewellery about you to remind you that you are always connected to Spirit. 

The spirit of turkey is free, and opens up the channels between us and others on a meaningful level. The turkey sacrifices itself so that others may live, and this can show us courage and faith in our present life and the next.

Pearl Abalone Shell

Benefits a person to connect to its highest levels of chakras and manifests her desires. It mainly affects the crown chakra, third eye chakra, and heart chakra. It works as a protective shield for all the negative energies prevailing in living spaces like homes, offices, or any other place. 

Red Candel

Used for many different things, but in particular, red is associated with things like lust, passion, and energy.


How to use a Smudge Stick?
Firstly, light your smudge stick or loose leaves if you have chosen to break off fragments of your smudge stick into a container. Wait a moment, then blow out the flames. Try to fan the embers lightly to keep them smoldering (you may have to re-light your stick). You can then use the smoke to cleanse a person, property or spaces - you can use a shell or a heat resistant container to catch the ashes. 


【caution】Due to the influence of Covid-19, it takes about 14-21 days for delivery. 

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