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Poise Aura

Pisces: Moon — Zodiac Tarot Gold Necklace

Pisces: Moon — Zodiac Tarot Gold Necklace

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Keywords: Rhythm, Tides, Dismissal, Buried Feelings, Depth

Affirmation: I fill every void in my Soul with love, acceptance and trust.

The Moon rules the tides and flow of the ocean, water, and our bodies (because we are composed of water). In this card, the crayfish is emerging from the water to see two dogs howling at the Moon. Therefore, it shows fear, confusion, and illusion (since the fish did not expect to see that scene).

Length: 40 mm

Width: 24 mm

Chain Length: 60 cm

Material: Gold Stainless Steel

Weight: 23 g


【caution】Due to the influence of Covid-19, it takes about 14-21 days for delivery. 


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